The Harrigan Family

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The Harrigan Family

Hi This is Lisa. After years of having a domain name but no website, I decided we needed to put one up. This is simple and mostly for Contact Information.

Little Harold has his own website now -

So go and see him there.

About the Family

Lisa Deutsch Harrigan, aka Auntie M, can usually be found behind a fan table at a convention selling memberships to something.


I am currently working for the following non-profits: the Mythopoeic Society Link , San Francisco Science Fiction Conventions Link, Fanfair Music - Consonance Link , and Consanity Inc - Con-volution link .


Although I am busy with my non-paying jobs, if the right part time paying job was available, I am willing to look at it. Please e-mail me at


I give out ribbons "Definitely Not in Kansas". Please ask nicely.

Big Harold is a retired Hardward Design Engineer. He is bored and driving his wife nuts.

Little Harold, aka Pikadude No 1, now has a Computer Science Degree from San Jose State and is interested in Games Design and Web Design and has his own website showing things off.

Yes, he is actively looking for work.

See Get in Touch at the bottom menu for all our conact information.