The Harrigan Family

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      Email Addresses -

     Harrigan Family -

     Lisa Personal -

     Harrigan Family Convention Address -

     My Mythopoeic Society Address -

     My San Francisco Science Fiction Assn Address -

     My Worldcon 76 Address -

     My domaine e-mail address is

     Please use whatever work related email address I gave you. If this is

     concerning a Convention I am working and you don't have a better

     address use harrigan.con.


     I can be found at -


     Facebook (see badge below)


     Linked In

     About Me

     Live Journal






       Note - We have a lot of addresses at, BUT we are soon to be
       leaving AT&T where we get them from, so they will be going away.
       My email addresses that have another domaine will still work, including various

       committed addresses. Gmail is my friend.



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